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2007 Old Vines
Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

Our final wine of this tasting and yet another that was reviewed by the Wine Advocate.  After they tasted it in 2015, they awarded 92 points and here’s what they wrote:

“The 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Old Vines is another wonderful and gracefully maturing red from Lenz. Youthful and vibrant, this intense Cabernet is nowhere near ready or at peak. From a fine vintage for it, it projects that tightly wound feel of concentrated but well focused wines. This has many years to go and may need a few more in the cellar to hit peak.”

Meanwhile, 7 years later, this is what our seven tasters add to the review:

  • Still youthful; still slightly ‘purple’

  • Very rich color; even inky

  • Aroma notes: cedar, vanilla, cassis, red licorice

  • Deep rich flavor

  • A big mouthful

  • Red fruits & berries

  • Slightly ‘grippy’ tannins; will soften in time

  • Will improve for 5-10 years

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