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Tasting wine is obviously a lot of fun.  What’s sometimes not as much fun is putting what you’re tasting into words.  We’ve probably all been intimidated to some degree when put on the spot to say what we think about a wine.  Of course, you don’t need to translate your tasting pleasure into words; but that can be fun too.


We have put together a set of tasting notes on all of our wines.  Here’s how we did it: Every week for 5 or 6 weeks we recently got together late on a Monday afternoon, sat around a table, and tasted a few Lenz wines.  Who was “we”?  It varied week-to-week, but typically it involved our winemaker (Thomas), our vineyard manager (Sam), our Tasting Room Director (Jerol), our Marketing guru (Dee Dee) and 2 or 3 or even 4 members of the Carroll Family.  I was the official scribe.


We would typically taste 5-6 wines at each sitting, and we would rotate who went first in their comments.  After everyone had spoken, I would try to make sure that every taster had commented on the wines’ color, aroma (‘nose’), flavor and mouthfeel.  Plus I’d encourage everyone to make year-to-year comparisons.


Then I wrote up all my notes on the website, which you can read here.  But there’s nothing magic about our perceptions; we’re totally open to hearing what you have to say, and putting some of your comments on the website too.  So please feel free to share your own tasting notes with us via email.  It’s not a ‘bulletin board’; the comments we receive will be ‘curated’, but the intention is to be pretty open about this.  Nobody can say that what you taste, or how you describe what you taste is ‘wrong’!

- Peter Carroll

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