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2019 Old Vines
Pinot Noir

This wine has traces of sour cherry, ginger, toasted almonds and a soft clementine-orange hint.

Made of 100% Cabernet Franc grapes, this velvety wine has notes of red plum, pomegranate, and raspberry with hints of vanilla.

2017 Estate Selection

A soft-finishing Malbec with lush red fruit notes and complex terroir characteristics.

Full Tasting Notes - Coming Soon

A round, well-balanced red with notes of red cherry.

Dark in color, this wine has BIG, yet soft flavors of rich, dark plums, cherries, and ripe pomegranate.

Dark and rich, this super-smooth wine has a flavor profile of plum and cherry at its core with notes of strawberry and kumquat.


Lenz Merlot is a youthful, bright, and vibrant wine with notes of wild cherries, spice, and dark plums.

Full Tasting Notes - Coming Soon

This wine's characteristic flavor profile is deep and rich, full of black cherries and dark red plums, with plenty of soft-and-supple tannins.

This deep red wine's flavors are classic Merlot: dark plums with some ripe black-cherry accents.  Texture is very smooth and silky.

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