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19 Chard

2022 Chardonnay

2022 was a somewhat challenging vintage, with cooler temperatures than average, more rain than average, and less sunlight than average!  This led to a somewhat delayed harvest, with fruit being picked from mid-October onwards.

The 2022 has a more varied and deeper flavor profile than the 2019, in part from a modified production technique known as ‘stabulation’ that keeps the juice from the grapes in contact with the solids for several days prior to the initiation of fermentation.  This lends more body to the wine and allows for greater extraction of ‘flavinoids’ (the chemicals that we perceive as flavor notes in the finished wine).

The finished wine is technically ‘dry’ (very low residual sugar) but the blend of flavors and aromas gives it an almost sweet mouthfeel.  Our own tasting notes include: ‘orange’, ‘tangerine’, ‘clementine’ (which means that three of us were trying to describe the same thing!), ‘white peach’, ‘lemon & lime zest’, and, simply ‘refreshing’.


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