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2016 Cuvée

We tasted this in November 2022, shortly after it had been disgorged and finished.  That’s not an ideal time to taste any wine but particularly a delicate one such as a sparkler.  And it’s hard to know what to say as the year-to-year consistency of our 100% pinot noir Cuvee means there’s little vintage variation.  This one has the classic pinot noir ‘chassis’ providing muted cherry notes in a bright wine with very low residual sugar.  Lenz Cuvees are somewhere between ‘Nature’ and ‘Brut’ - - let’s say ‘Extra Brut’.

In addition to the core cherry that is a pinot noir characteristic, our tasters also cited “apple-citrus”, “cranberry”, “passion fruit” and “toasted almond”.  It’s really delicious.

What do you think?

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