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2016 Estate Selection

A light-gold straw color in the glass.  One wag suggested: “The pale gold of a summer evening at twilight”.

This wine is very aromatic; it is even slightly ‘reduced’ with funky-but-interesting aromas when first poured. These ‘blow off’, as we say, and are replaced by a classic rose-petal character.  Tasting notes call out a whole palette of flavors: “Ruby grapefruit, peach, sultana, ‘a sweet mouthful’ [this wine is technically dry, not sweet, but the flavors can give an impression of sweetness], ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg; clove; smoky; mulled wine”.


There’s a lot going on in a good gewurztraminer.  That’s one reason we always put these wines last in any tasting.

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