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OV Merlot

2015 Old Vines

As we describe in more depth and detail elsewhere, we make Old Vines wines with grapes from our oldest vineyard blocks, and even then only in the best vintages with ideal ripening conditions.  2015 was such a year.

When we tasted this wine (in late December 2021), we did so after tasting the 2015 Estate Selection merlot.  In many ways, the response among the tasters was: “This is like the Estate Selection only much more so”.  The nose is smoky-woody-cedar plus typical merlot fruits.  Some tasters found notes of sage and ‘herbs’.

In the glass, the color is deep red, with no signs of age (no browning around the edges).  Flavors are classic merlot: dark plums with some ripe black-cherry accents.  Texture is very smooth and silky - - the sign of super-ripe, soft tannins that bind all the components in one elegant, long-lasting taste experience.

Additional notes include: dark chocolate; some raspberry; mocha.

More than anything this is a fantastic food wine that will go with virtually anything, even a beef-centered meal where cabernet would often be seen as the best choice.  But, beef, pork, chicken, lamb (especially) and many other dishes would benefit by being paired with this wine!  It pairs well with cheese too.

Please let us know what you think.

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