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2001 Old Vines Merlot

This wine was reviewed in the Wine Advocate in 2015 and awarded 93 points.  Here’s what they said about it then:  “The 2001 Merlot Old Vines is simply a brilliant library wine.

Complex and gorgeous, this is a wine to think about, but also a wine to enjoy with your palate. If it seems mature, projecting a medley of complex flavors, it is also a wine with plenty of life left. It is a bit bigger than the 2001 Cabernet reviewed this issue. It usually doesn't work that way in most regions, but this is Long Island. Beautifully textured as well, plus intense and intensely flavorful on the finish, this gorgeous Merlot touches the bases well. There won't be much to complain about here.  Lenz is one of the stalwarts and big stars on Long Island with winemaker Eric Fry at the helm. Some of the oldies here were some of the highlights of this report. Despite the rather poor glassware on hand, the wines would not be denied. There's a lot of brilliance here at the upper levels.”

Well, we are not sure what the jibe about poor glassware was all about, but it’s hard to improve upon that assessment of this wonderful wine!  We can update it though.  Here’s what our seven tasters recently concluded about this wine from a magnum:

  • Bright fruit; rich fruit

  • Younger, brighter color - - deeper than the 2000 & 1997

  • Nice fruit, cedar, maple, red raspberry

  • Some herbs and mint in the aroma

  • Majool dates (that’s a type of date - - who knew?)

  • Full-bodied and super-soft

  • Rich mid-palate flavors

  • Well-integrated

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