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1997 Old Vines
Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

We have mentioned this elsewhere, but in contrast to Bordeaux (except perhaps Pomerol) and California (definitely) in our red wines, merlot tends to dominate cabernet.  For the most part, cabernet is seen as the stronger, more muscular partner, with merlot adding softness and finesse. Our approach is slightly different.  Our merlots are rich and firm while the cabernet adds aroma and a different fruit flavor profile (merlot brings black plums and dark red fruits while cabernet brings lighter fruits like raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant).

For many of the wines in our recent library magnum tasting we were able to add notes from the Wine Advocate’s reviews.  However, the 1997 Old Vines Cabernet is one they never tasted.

Here’s what our seven tasters had to say about it recently:

          -  Very (surprisingly) bright fruit

          -  Actually more fruit than the ’97 merlot

          -  Dark color

          -  Very soft in the mouth

          -  Soft and well-integrated tannins

          -  Surprisingly vibrant for a 24 year old wine

          -  Absolutely ready to drink

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