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2013 Old Vines Chardonnay  
Classic White Burgundy. Pears, apples, well-balanced and toasty.
$30 per bottle

2010 Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon
Round and lush across the palate with flavors of tangy red currant, cherry and raspberry.
$50 per bottle

2010 Old Vines Merlot  
Oldest estate vines. Well-structured with penetrating flavors of dark plum and cherry.
$65 per bottle

2013 Estate Selection Merlot  
Rich and complex, the Estate Selection Merlot has flavors of black cherry and plum with a long silky finish..
$30 per bottle

2013 Malbec
Malbec truly excels as a varietal wine when it is grown to full ripeness. Its deep purple color and exotic red fruit aromas lead on to a compelling wine that is velvety smooth across the palate, with lush flavors of juicy dark cherry, blackberry, plum and ... chocolate!
$40 per bottle

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon 
This wine has a beautifully perfumed nose, with cranberry and strawberry notes clearly discernable.
$25 per bottle

2010 Old Vines Gewürztraminer
Old Vines denotes more than just the age of a vine. At Lenz, 'old vines' is a designation we award to wines that are truly exceptional.  The Old Vines Gewürztraminer is a rich, medium-bodied wine with mouthwatering flavors of apricot, fresh pineapple and hints of ginger.  
$30 per bottle

2014 Blanc de Noir  
100% Pinot Noir. Fermented completely dry, this classic Rosé has the bright flavor of ripe red cherries and a yeasty, nutty nose.
$24 per bottle

2013 White Label Chardonnay 
Dry and crisp with a slight nutty finish, this no-oak “east coast” style chardonnay is lively with vibrant tropical, citrus and pineapple flavors.
$15 per bottle

2013 Gold Label Chardonnay
The Gold Chardonnay exhibits the toasty oak flavors of a “west coast” style chardonnay. Well-balanced, the oak flavors are seamlessly integrated with layers of bright lemon and fresh apple. The finish is long and smooth with hints of vanilla and coconut.
$20 per bottle


2012 Cuvée 
(Traditional Méthode Champenoise)
100% Pinot Noir
The Cuvée is crisp and refreshingly dry. Bright flavors of white cherry and green apples lead on to a long finish with hints of lime zest to keep your palate busy while you reach for another oyster.
$40 per bottle








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